Kind Words

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​​Kellie and her team exceed expectations in every way. They excel at organizing and visualizing the big picture; but equally as important,
they are sensitive to the needs of people going through major life transitions. Kellie is incredibly hard working, motivated, and completely focused on the task at hand. I have relied on her help and support often over the past four months, through multiple moves. Without a doubt, Kellie and her team provide invaluable services to customers.


Kellie & Shari at KMS rock! I decided to disencumber myself of extra furniture, boxes, books, etc. I had a lot of stuff. I might as well have been moving. I was overwhelmed. Kellie helped me sort and organize. AND she kept me calm. She and the crew helped with the cleaning- all of the physical work. They were efficient and thorough. They were a huge help! Lots of good energy in every sense of the word. I am so grateful, I recommend them to anyone considering a move or a spring clean. It's worth it! 


My basement reached the totally-out-of-control level this winter. Desperate, I called two decluttering services. The first company came, looked around for less than a minute, gave me an estimate and left. Kellie’s appointment was later that day.  As soon as I opened the door, I knew she was the right choice. Her beautiful smile and lovely demeanor made me feel like I was in  good hands. She looked carefully around the basement, and began explaining to me exactly how regions should be cleaned, grouped, and organized. Her enthusiasm and obvious passion for her business was infectious. I hired her on the spot.

She and her entire crew are extraordinarily gifted in organizational skills. Each member is genuinely excited about doing the best job possible.
They are all really hard workers, and they work fast so they don’t waste time and money. They are punctual and professional, as well as delightful to be around. Kellie also has additional resources to help with pickup, transportation, and moving. 

I have recommended KMS to several people already, and I plan to continue to do so. She is a smart and savvy businesswoman who understands how hard it is to part with objects that have been part of your life & family. If you are in need of decluttering services, call her immediately!


The second day Kellie and her team were on the scene, she asked if I was overwhelmed by the task at hand. Without hesitating I said, ​"I was until yesterday."  Kellie is a human dynamo. Incredibly efficient, extremely proficient in her service areas, and likely as important, a lovely person to have on hand as my sisters and I sort through 85 years of our mother's life and memories.  We are so thankful to have found her.  I really don't know how we could have done this without her.


I hired KMS to pack my kitchen and dining room for my move into a new home.  I was amazed at how fast and precise my breakables were packed and ready for movers. After one day of being overwhelmed in a house full
​of boxes, I called Kellie back to unpack, organize, hang pictures, curtains etc.  She and her girls had my house looking beautiful and cozy in three days. 
I was so thrilled at their work, I called back for them to do my garage.  Amazed at how over the top organized my place is.  This stressful part of unpacking would have taken me six months or more to do.  I am telling everyone about her great services.


After enlisting Kellie to help me unpack and set up the décor in my new home, I would strongly recommend her.  Kellie pours her heart into your project.  Anytime anyone has that kind of passion about their job, you know you are in good hands. And it makes it so easy to place your trust in her. 
She is very clear about working within your budget, and with that, she is good about suggesting how to pace her activity in order to stay in budget in a timely way. Kellie was a tremendous help, and it was fun working with her.


Thank you so much for all the help you've been with this move. Honestly, 
it wouldn't have happened if not for you. You made it as painless as a 
move could be. I love your upbeat manner and your sunshine disposition, and that goes for Lisa and Mallory as well.  The one on one decluttering was just what we needed to downsize from our home of 20 yrs. The patience, creativeness and endless suggestions was such a great service to make our transition easier. May you have every success in your business. 


Kellie came to our family's rescue! My parents needed to downsize and 
move quickly. Kellie and her wonderful team made the process so smooth. From organizing years of collectibles/clothing/furniture to lining up contractors for their new house....Kellie and her staff were compassionate, professional, and efficient in all areas. Thank you for making a hard process fun! 


After losing my beloved wife and needing help with downsizing my home,
​I hired Kellie who came to my rescue. She decluttered and packed my home, lined up movers and then was there at the other end to unpack, organize, and design my new home using all my most memorable items.  Her passion, excitement, and creativity simplified everything for me. I couldn't have found one company that accomplishes it all. She even helped me find my new townhome! I highly recommend Kellie for a "Smooth Move".


The old saying 'no sooner said than done' applies to Kellie in all ways.
She heard, listened to, and understood what I needed, then she did it!
She even knew what I needed before I did. Her caring manner soothed
my Mother as well during a very difficult move. To say I couldn't have done it without her doesn't even come close to how she helped all of us.


I had the good fortune to be moved by KMS. The young men & women were so professional in their handling of my furniture & miscellaneous property, as well as their communication to efficiently pack, move, unpack & put away exactly as my previous home. They made a potentially worrisome day into a very joyful experience. Thank you KMS, You provide a wonderful service.


I just wanted to again express my appreciation for the work you and your team did in getting my brother-in-law moved and settled. As you know,
I arrived in Omaha toward the end of January 2019 expecting that the relocation service I had contacted earlier would follow up.  After repeated unreturned phone calls to them, I contacted you. You arrived the next day
to survey my needs, provide a plan and estimate of the cost.  Within a day or two your team arrived to begin packing.   Jim and his family lived in his home since 1952 so it was a big and difficult job. After the house sold, you were there again to wrap up the remaining details. I can’t thank you enough for your help.  I would have been lost without you.  “Five Stars” is not enough in terms of a recommendation!


​What an amazing experience! From the first phone call with Kellie we knew this would be the right team to work with. She made not only my folks, but our entire family, comfortable with the move end to end. She can look at the destination location and then give you a consult on where each of your pieces be placed - not just furniture but pictures and art as well. She has that "decorator's eye" and could read my parents mind to place things perfectly. For what is obviously a stressful situation in life, her team ran it so smoothly. We will be happy to work with them again... Thanks team!


My name is Matt Harden. My company, Firefighters on the Move has worked with KMS for over four years. We provide relocation and moving services for over three hundred senior clients every year. None of these moves are more prepared and organized than the ones that KMS have worked on prior to moving day. The stress of moving is immense and incredibly difficult for senior citizens. The KMS team reduces and and in many cases eliminates that stress. Their ability to take a stressful situation and turn it into a positive experience is amazing. They form a bond and trust with each and every customer. They are hands down the best in our region and I would highly recommend KMS for any senior move. Thank you Kellie!


At the end of August I found myself once again compelled to move. While the process itself is cumbersome, I had absolutely no reservations about retaining KMS Home Solutions to once again perform the task. As before, Jan and Dee couldn't have been more caring and professional, somehow making an arduous experience pleasant for the customer, especially when faced with the prospect of dealing with a fussy pet which they handled in exemplary fashion. When these capable individuals were finished I felt as though I'd been living in my new quarters for some time with pictures hung and personal effects properly stored. I highly recommend KMS to anyone contemplating a move!


We just can't say enough nice things about Kellie and her crew. The girls were on time and so helpful with everything from deciding what to keep to what we could part with. They packed our things with care and unpacked and put them away in a sensible way. They hung our pictures where I chose and took pictures where my treasures were in the curio cabinet and put them back the way they were before our move. They even ran the vacuum cleaner before they left. We would highly recommend Kellie's Moving Solutions for anyone who needs to downsize or just re-organize. Wonderful group of women! Thank you!


​Retirement is a time of major change filled with many emotions. Time to accomplish everything is never enough unless one has Kellie to lend a hand. Kellie is so thorough and efficient. If she says she'll do it, she does it. Kellie made our transition go so smoothly and she removed so much stress. My husband and I are settling into our new home thanks to Kellie and her professional service! 


My experience with KMS was wonderful. We all know that moving is one of the top stressors in life. This is not the case with KMS. They take away all the worries and stress in moving. It is awesome to come home and see how organized and perfect your home looks. I would definitely use them again. 


​Thanks so much to Kellie and Lisa of KMS for getting my furniture moved in and belongings unpacked and organized. They are wonderful! I didn't have to lift a finger, Kellie even walked my little Yorkie Abby. In February Kellie is returning to help furniture and accessory shop! I am one lucky woman!


​Organization has not been my strength in the past. For those of you who can relate, take the time to read this. I wish I had taken action earlier. 
Clutter, chaos, and being unorganized causes increased stress, lack of productivity, and procrastination. My lack of organization was taking a toll on me. So what to do? The key is to TAKE ACTION. For me, it meant focusing on my strengths & delegating or hiring my weaknesses 
(organization & decluttering).

I'm so grateful for Kellie and her team at KMS for their incredible service. You guys know how to crack the whip (lovingly) and helped me help myself get organized. Truly, there's NOTHING like the feeling of walking into my closet with everything in its place, emptying the garage of every box and finding the perfect organized place for its contents, opening a drawer in my bathroom to find everything in its place, and walking into the basement storage area with see-through bins all perfectly labeled. Moral of the story? DO IT NOW. Don't wait for the perfect time to start that will never come. Or, maybe like me, you need a little help. Hiring Kellie and her team changed my life! Seeing my organized solutions resulted in stress oozing out of all my pores.


We cannot thank Kellie and her team enough! I recently retired and it was time for us to downsize. When we looked at our closets, storerooms, and attic, the thought of deciding what to keep, throw away, and give away was overwhelming. Based on a strong recommendation, we contacted Kellie and asked if she could help us with the task. Kellie and her team tackled the job and had it done in just a few days. They not only downsized us, they inventoried and labeled the things we kept in such a way that the job of moving was easy. They obtained wardrobe boxes, packed and labeled them (even color coded them!) and loaded them on a truck so we could move to our retirement home in Georgia. 

Perhaps the most surprising thing was the manner in which they did this job. They were so pleasant and enjoyable to work with that the time just flew by! They not only exceeded our expectations- we believe we made some new friends as well. I highly recommend Kellie and her crew to anyone in need of help for a big organizing task (as in our case) or a minor one so you know where everything is. They are simply the best!