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               know the process of moving your loved ones into assisted or independent senior living communities can be stressful and overwhelming. How do you transition from a whole home to an assisted living apartment? We offer guidance and assistance with senior relocation from start to finish, from downsizing and moving the items in their current home, to settling them into their new space. 

We have the expertise to help you choose the right community for you or your loved one. Each individual has unique needs and preferences that require consideration!

KMS is happy to partner with Clare Senior Advisors to make your transition even easier. This FREE locally owned service has 35 years of experience in the senior living industry, including assisted living, memory care, and independent living. Together Clare Senior Advisors and KMS can help ensure you make the right choices for you and your loved ones.

It was a difficult time. My elderly parents needed to move quickly from independent living into an assisted living community- then again within a few months into a memory care unit. Thank goodness a friend recommended Kellie of KMS. Kellie and her staff were Miracle Workers! Within hours they had moved my parents belongings from one apartment to another and decorated their new space to feel like home! In both moves, Kellie and her staff were kind, caring, and efficient. It was so reassuring, in this time of need, to have trust and confidence that Kellie could make this all happen!


​My name is Matt Harden. My company, Firefighters on the Move has worked with KMS for over four years. We provide relocation and moving services for over three hundred senior clients every year. None of these moves are more prepared and organized than the ones that KMS have worked on prior to moving day. The stress of moving is immense and incredibly difficult for senior citizens. The KMS team reduces and and in many cases eliminates that stress.

Their ability to take a stressful situation and turn it into a positive experience is amazing. They form a bond and trust with each and every customer. They are hands down the best in our region and I would highly recommend KMS for any senior move. Thank you Kellie!


Sending my heartfelt thanks to Kellie, Jan, and Becky with KMS for packing my mom's home for her move to an independent living facility. Their care and positivity helped lighten the mood during an otherwise stressful time and they packed and moved her kitchen items, art, lamps, and collectibles with the kind of care they would have given their own possessions. I am truly grateful to these lovely women for all they did for us!


​Thank you so much to KMS for the outstanding assistance they provided in getting my senior citizens moved out of their home of 52 years!  As anyone can imagine, the task of going through and sorting, packing, unpacking and getting rid of 52 years of memories was both difficult and overwhelming.   Kellie and her team came in and were able to work magic on what we considered to be the “undoable”.   They were able to efficiently complete everything in remarkable time while being kind and gentle with my parents.    THANK YOU so much for working your magic.  We will be deeply indebted to you for a lifetime.


If you or anyone you know require the services of a moving company, we strongly recommend KMS. We used their service in January 2017 . Their expertise in packing, moving, unpacking, and getting us settled in our new home was fantastic. We know this statement is full of cliches, but there is no other way to express our satisfaction - they were amazing.


​KMS rocks! I don't know where to start to sing Kellie's praises. There are so many instances where Kellie assisted us, we cannot even begin to count them. My sister and I live on the east coast so our time in town to move mom into an Assisted Living Residence, break up her home, and prepare it for sale was short. The Assisted Living facility shared Kellie's name with us and I called her from Connecticut to see how she could assist us. Kellie knew was mom would need in her new place and she met with us at mom's home on arrival in town.

Her team helped us clear the house, donate and move items to our homes out east so we could sell mom's house. She even knew someone who we could ask to check in on mom daily and take her for a walk outside if she wanted. Upon the sale of mom's home Kellie provided me with more angels to assist me in clearing out 54 years of stuff in mom's basement and garage. She even rolled out an old car! All within a day of a distress call. She also assisted me by having a home repair done after I left town. 

Kellie has so much compassion for for her clients and walks in their shoes until the job is complete. The support I received with all the physical goods was immense but the emotional support Kellie provided us was truly life saving. Kellie and her team are angels on earth and I couldn't have accomplished what I did in 3 months without her and her team. Kellie has found her life's calling in helping those in time of need. We have made not only a business contact but a true friend for life. I have recommended her to our realtor for all her client's needs.


Rarely in life do angels appear out of nowhere to help and support in times of need. Kellie and her team have been angels for us. The need to upgrade my aunt's level of care came suddenly and unexpectedly. What complicated the issue was our restrictive schedules and the 550 miles of distance separating us from our aunt. 

By a word of mouth recommendation, I contacted Kellie to have her help with the needed move. The move was not just a simple "pack up a bag and run off to a new place." My aunt had a large 2 bedroom apartment which was packed (to the ceiling, in a few places) with knick-knacks, memorabilia, vital papers, clothing, and furniture. The prospect was nothing if not daunting. Kellie executed the move in two parts. The first part moved my aunt's essentials, some memorabilia, and comfort items with her. The second part (performed two weeks later with us present) sorted and moved the remainder of her belongings. What would have taken us the better part of a month to complete on our own was finalized in one short week. 

Kellie and her crew are diligent, trustworthy, compassionate, creative, and a lot of fun to be around. Our family thanks her and her crew from the bottom of our collective heart and we recommend her services without reservation. This is definitely the right company to use for all of your moving needs! 10/10 will contact her again! 


Kellie and her crew are amazing! Appreciated their hard work, creativity, and excellent service in moving my parents from their home of over 55 years to assisted living. They even won my dad over -- not an easy feat. Highly recommended!


just want to express my thanks for the amazing service and help from Kellie at KMS. Kellie went out of her way to arrange her staff to help get my Mom packed, moved, settled, and help decorate her new rooms on 2 occasions. It was a lifesaver for our family with work to be able to get the moves done so smoothly and quickly. No time wasted with Kellie and her staff, they show up on time and get right to business all while making the move enjoyable. I recommend KMS for not only helping with moving elderly parents, but also for anyone needing help with packing and moving. So worth it in the time and stress you save!


Moving your mother from her long time home to an assisted living facility is a monumental task.  One that everyone in the family was dreading and that was the understatement of the year!  Kellie and her team made this process feel like nirvana with her teams pleasant disposition and smiling faces.  They were able to calm our mother from all of her moving anxieties and assist her from the start, which included all the packing of her things to the unpacking and putting away of every item by the early afternoon.  A priceless service from a gem of a company!  KMS was a one stop moving solution, which also included heavy moving logistics and cleaning teams.  Bravo Kellie!  


In the past year I have been blessed to have Kellie there to support me and my 94 year old parents as they moved out of their home of 45 years and into Independent Living, and now moving from Independent Living.  As I planned these moves, I cannot tell you how much stress and tension I felt with an increasing crescendo as M-Day approached. Packing, moving, unpacking, staging artfully, coordinating with the Facility, Nursing, Engineer for details, the cable company, and of course letting my folks know that this move will be good for them and get them out of the way for the process. 

Kellie and her team performed beautifully with only the slightest bit of direction so that she could tell what I needed to save and what I could be happy donating to those who need this stuff. My tension was palpable. My neck and shoulders were tight and I had a massive headache as M-Day approached. Then relief.

Kellie and her home solution expert team made all the problems go away. My parents are happy and everything went well. In fact, it went ever so smoothly way beyond my wildest imagination. Thank you again for everything.


Lifesaver! We hired Kellie to downsize to Independent Living. Kellie patiently worked with us at our own pace. We went through all personal belongings, sold what we decided not to take to our new home, and packed rest of home for move. She was there to unpack and design our new living space using our most treasured items to make us feel at home.  We are so pleased at how smooth she made this difficult process. ​We highly recommend this angel!


As the "oldest" (and I would pretend to add "wisest") of the four Ames siblings, I would like to thank you on our behalf for EVERYTHING that you and your crew did to help with Mom & Dad's transition from their condo in Norfolk to their Parson House apartment in Omaha.  As you knew, that life transition was filled with emotions for our parents as they left the community that they had known for over 50 years AND was filled with emotions for my siblings and me as we tried to create a new home for them that would be welcoming, familiar, and safe. 

Your team's ability to create that warm and welcoming atmosphere is beyond description.  When we walked through the door with our parents and we were all greeted with familiar belongings put back together is such a manner that proudly displayed the love they have for their family, considered their specific needs, and honored their values, interests, hobbies, collections, etc... it gave us all a welcoming sense of belonging that we didn't anticipate we could feel when making this big life transition.  Ironically, we had debated whether or not your service was a necessary expense for us but in retrospect had we known the emotional value of the services you provided... let alone the time and stress you saved us... it would have been a "no-brainer". 

In addition to the physical work you and your crew did, it was obvious to all of us that your actions and words came from your hearts.  You stayed to welcome us all to our parents new home.  You took care to greet Mom & Dad with compassion for what they were experiencing but an underlying sense of excitement for what their futures could be.  You visited with our parents to make sure they were happy with the results.   Even small things such as asking mom about her grandchildren (by name!) made a BIG impression on us and created a "easier" experience for them.  I could go on and on... just know that we truly valued all that you did and would gladly recommend your services to anyone.  A BIG thanks also to Kyle for helping us make the connection to Kellie's Moving Solutions and for stopping by as well to "check in" and welcome our parents.  We count ourselves blessed for connecting with all of you!